We are a UK based and registered charity (charity number 1161920)  working to help people with autism in Poland. Our aim at present is helping to raise the funds to build the first ever community based group home for autistic adults in Poland and support their education. 

We operate on an entirely voluntary basis and cover our own expenses. All funds raised go directly towards our goals.

Want to find out more? Watch our video which tells you all about who we are and what we’re working towards. 

Anna Mlynik-Shawcross

Born in Gdansk, and a close friend of the Rybicki family, she was an active member of the democratic opposition in the 1970s, before being involved in the famous Gdansk Shipyard Solidarity strikes in 1980.

During the 1980s, Anna came to the UK and worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist. Seeing the enormous problems faced by people who suffer from autism in Poland, she decided to help. Anna is the chairperson of HPAP.

Wanda Koscia

A London born documentary filmmaker, and a friend of Anna’s, active in the 1980s in Solidarity support groups, it was natural for her to return to the campaign trail.

Wiktor Moszczynski

London-born Polish author and community worker, chairman of Polish war veterans support group, columnist in “Polish Daily”, former Chair of Polish Solidarity Campaign and former Ealing Borough Councillor.

Katarzyna Thurlow

Katarzyna, is a friend of Anna’s, of Polish origin, living in Portsmouth and founder of Portsmouth’s Saturday Polish school. Katarzyna is HPAP’s treasurer and is also taking care of our social media platforms.

Zuzanna Brzezinska

With a background in Law, and with experience in the events industry, Zuzanna is helping us with organizing  events and campaigns.

Ewa Cwirko-Godycka

Polish born but living in the UK since the early 80s, where she became involved in the Polish Solidarity Campaign.She worked for many years in the British NGO, “Alcohol Concern”, where she gained considerable and valuable experience in effective charity organisation functioning.

Colin Hardy 

Colin is the now retired Director of Social Services for Hampshire. As one of the Trustees he helps with running our charity using his expert knowledge.